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12 Things You Can Do to Deal With a Stressful Relationship

Rocky patches in relationships are normal and don’t necessarily have to spell the end of the road.

Free of mind

Becoming Free Of The Mind – Letting Go

Learn how to let go and become free of the mind to realize your true nature.


6 Best Quotes to Live By

Six beautiful quotes to live your life by. Quotes by enlightened masters like Eckhart Tolle, Buddha and more.


Top 10 Life Changing Books

Here is the list of life changing top 10 life changing self help books


Trick Your Mind into Always Staying Motivated to Make Positive Life Changes

Why is it that we don’t often think about making small lifestyle changes until we start to feel the twinge of a bad consequence?


Healing Power of a Smile

A smile a bring you near to me. Find out how you can heal with a smile.


75 Things You Can Do to Relax Your Mind and Body

List of 75 simple yet fun things you can do to relax your mind, body and soul.


Positive Thinking – 8 Simple Truths to Realize

Once your mind becomes aware of the truth of life, it cannot but think and be positive. This is what enlightenment is all about – it’s a way of being positive.


10 Things You Can Do Today to Attract Positive Energy

Learn how to be at peace in any giving moment by removing resistance to that moment.


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A Simple Technique to Help You Deal With a Difficult Life Situation

I am a strong believer that the first thing you must achieve in order to have the life you want…


10 Tunes that Help Me De-stress and Raise My Vibes

There is one almost fail proof way to boost your mood no matter what’s stressing you out or getting you…

Stop procrastinating start running

9 Steps to Stop Procrastinating – and Start Losing Weight

Everyone procrastinates. We usually do it to avoid a task that’s unpleasant or daunting. If you find yourself procrastinating on…


3 Self Care Activities That Help Me Cope With Bad Days

Coping strategies and other positive outlets are significant tools that can provide you a smooth recovery as you guide your…


7 Tips for Building Self Care Habits that Honor, Respect and Fulfill You

I cannot tell you how many emails I receive that say, “I understand what I need to do, but how?!”…


6 Simple Mindfulness Activities to Help You De-Stress

Stress, the precursor to anxiety, to unhappiness, to depression. Being stressed, particularly when we don’t need to be is not…


7 Short Mantras That Help Me Get Through Stressful Situations

When my life becomes overwhelming at times, negative thoughts get in the way of my progress. I find it easier…

Feel good quotes

8 Feel Good Quotes that Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

Life is like a wave; sometimes we feel up and happy and some other times we feel down and sad….


Married but Feeling Lonely – 7 Tips to Remedy the Situation

Most of us enter marriage with the expectation of having by our side a life-long companion and soul mate; a…


How Thinking Positively Changed My Life for the Better

I have experienced dramatic life events however, I have employed the rules of positive thinking each time to reach here. And ‘here’ happens to be pretty darn marvelous!

More stress advice

More Stress Advice?

I have been reading various articles on dealing with anxiety; All well intentioned, and providing good advice, but is it the right advice?


How Can I Let Go of the Past and Move On?

Is the past getting the better of you? Find out how to let go of your past and move on.