10 Magical Properties of Juniper (Leaves + Berries)

Juniper with berries

You’ve probably heard of all of the widely-used spiritual plants such as sage, frankincense resin, and even patchouli– but what about juniper? The oldest juniper tree on Earth is estimated to be around 2000-6000 years old; that explains why cultures across the globe have used this plant for its healing properties almost as long as humans have been around!

Juniper’s magical properties can help you to cleanse your vibration, attract love, and protect you from misfortune, along with several other benefits. How? There are handfuls of practical ways to connect with juniper and receive all these amazing spiritual & magical benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

What does a Juniper Tree/Shrub Symbolize?

Juniper leaves

They’ve been found on almost every continent on Earth, growing in harsh climates, and springing forth from rocks and soil seemingly devoid of any water. As such– and similarly to the lotus flower– juniper trees/shrubs symbolize the strength and perseverance of the human spirit. These powerful beings remind us that, even when it seems like we cannot survive, hope is never lost. Similarly, juniper trees also represent wisdom firstly because they are the oldest living trees on earth and also because of their ability to thrive in almost every continent in the world.

In addition, juniper carries religious symbolism. In the Bible, it’s said that a juniper bush sheltered Jesus sometime in his infancy.

So juniper trees/shrubs symbolize, Strength, Perseverance, wisdom and protection.

What do Juniper Berries Symbolize?

Juniper berries

Since juniper has appeared all over the world, it’s come to carry several different meanings. For example– and this may stem from juniper’s appearance as Jesus’s protector in the bible– juniper berries have long been used for cleansing and protection rituals.

Again, since juniper can flourish in seemingly intolerable climates, its berries can also symbolize hope and even rebirth. Perhaps most surprisingly, during the age of the black plague, people carried juniper berries in their mouths, as they believed it would prevent infection.

10 Magical Properties & Spiritual Benefits of Juniper

Juniper drawing

Let’s look at 10 magical properties of juniper and how you can use it in your life.

1. Use juniper berry essential oil for deep relaxation

Juniper berry essential oil (which is not the same as juniper leaf essential oil!) can help if you struggle with insomnia, or if your muscles are feeling sore. You can buy juniper berry massage oil, or make your own– grab some almond oil, and add in 15-30 drops of juniper berry oil. Alternatively, you can crush some juniper berries and add it to your almond oil; just make sure to let the mixture sit for around two weeks before using it.

Once you’ve got your massage oil ready, rub it into those aching muscles, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to relax!

2. Carry juniper berry amulet for protection

As mentioned above, you can use juniper berries for cleansing and protection rituals. One way to do that is to make your own juniper berry bracelet; this will protect you from negative energy, as well as attracting positive vibes such as peace and balance.

To make your bracelet, thread seven dried juniper berries onto any kind of string. You can wear this bracelet, or hang it in your home on doors or windows to protect your home’s energy.

3. Cleanse your home of negative energy using juniper

Moving into a new place? That’s a perfect time to grab some juniper berries! Remember, these berries are known for their cleansing, protective energy. Before you even open the moving boxes, you might want to cleanse your new home of any old vibrations left there by its previous occupants, to make sure you’re not soaking up any old dramas that don’t even belong to you!

To cleanse your home with juniper berry, add 30 drops of juniper berry essential oil to your mop water, then mop like normal. You may also add the oil to a cleaning spray to use it as a door or window wash.

4. Diffuse juniper oil to uplift, relax, and promote restful sleep

The energy of juniper knows that we can do hard things. If you’re having a hard time believing in yourself– i.e., if your daily life feels akin to growing roots in solid, dry rock, like a juniper tree– try diffusing some juniper berry oil! The plant’s vibration can help you to feel uplifted, balanced, grounded, and harmonious. In addition, juniper berry oil may promote restful sleep. Perhaps try diffusing it at bedtime!

5. Smudge with juniper to cleanse, raise your vibration, and open third eye chakra

You can also smudge with dried juniper, just like you’d smudge with any type of incense. The smoke of dried juniper can raise your vibration and cleanse your space of negativity. At the same time, it can also open your third eye chakra. If you’re meditating, hoping to raise your receptivity to Spirit, or setting intentions, burning some dried juniper might help.

6. Take a juniper berry and rose petal bath to attract love

Juniper berries can also boost your aura, attracting love towards your energetic field. Thus, if you’re hoping to call in a partner, try adding some juniper berries to your bath water, and soaking for at least 20 minutes. For an added loving energy, try adding rose petals and rose quartz!

Another way is to thread together 38 juniper berries using a green string making sure to make a knot in between each berry. Hang this charm at the door or in your bedroom to attract new lower or to strengthen an existing relationship.

7. Make a juniper berry protection jar to protect your home

If juniper could protect Biblical figures, then it can protect you from negativity, too; you can carry juniper with you to protect you (or your home) from theft and bad energy. Grab a glass jar of any size, then add 9 juniper berries. You can add other protective objects, such as sage, black tourmaline, clear quartz, and sea salt, as well.

Once you have your ingredients in your jar, be sure to smudge it with something like sage or Palo Santo. Then, hold the jar in your hands and mentally set your intention for the jar to protect you. After that, you can place it in your home, or carry it in your bag everywhere you go!

8. Hang beaded berries (or berries in a mojo bag) in your car for protection while you travel

An even easier way to carry juniper berries everywhere with you is to make a mojo bag; all you have to do is gather any ingredients you’d add to a protection jar, and instead, add them to a small, cloth drawstring bag. If you’re hanging this bag in your car for protection, you may want to add malachite, which is known as the “guardian crystal”.

Alternatively, instead of making a mojo bag, you can simply hang a beaded juniper berry amulet in your car for protection.

9. Keep juniper berry under your bed to improve your relationship (or to attract new love)

You can also use juniper berry mojo bags to improve romantic relationships, by simply placing the bag under your bed (and re-smudging and re-infusing it with your intention every so often).

A pink mojo bag is the best color to choose for relationship health, but again, any color will do if you don’t have pink. In this mojo bag, in addition to sage and juniper, you may want to include love crystals such as rose quartz, or any other pink or green crystal– green aventurine works, too! Also, try adding pink Himalayan salt to this bag, rather than regular sea salt.

10. Drink juniper berry tea for healing and relaxation (Make sure to use the proper edible type!)

To connect with this plant’s healing magic even further, you can consume the berries as a tea. Before you start, though: make sure to use common juniper, alligator juniper, or California juniper. Not savin juniper! The latter is toxic and should not be consumed.

Once you’ve acquired the right kind of dried juniper berries, simply crush the berries with a knife, then add them to a tea strainer and steep in boiling water. This will result in a piney-tasting cup of magic that you can drink for relaxation and protection.

In Conclusion

There are plenty more options than just Sage and Palo Santo if you hope to cleanse and protect your vibe! Anytime you want to connect deeply with juniper’s essence, just picture a thousand-year-old juniper tree growing out of a rock. Use this image to remind you of your spirit’s rock-solid resilience as you connect with juniper to cleanse, protect, and even attract love. Juniper is a magical plant with amazing spiritual benefits if you connect with it properly and honor its vibration!

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