9 Spiritual Benefits of Mugwort (Feminine Energy, Sleep Magic, Cleansing and More)

Mugwort leaves

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a magical herb of vitality, protection, good luck and feminine energy. Its botanical name ‘Artemisia’ comes from the moon Goddess Artemis to whom this herb was sacred. Artemis was revered as a Goddess of fertility, creativity, and psychic ability. So, as her herb, Mugwort can be used to boost your psychic abilities, intuition, creativity, femininity and spirituality. Mugwort has also long been recognized as a powerful protection herb. In Germany, for instance, it was frequently fashioned into a girdle that was worn to protect the wearer against bad luck.

Mugwort has traditionally been associated with Midsummer. Pagan civilizations in Europe believed that this herb’s power peaked on this day, so it was frequently included in their celebrations. Continue reading to learn more about the magical properties and spiritual benefits of this herb and how you can incorporate it into your own life.

9 Powerful spiritual benefits of Mugwort

1. Keep Mugwort under your pillow to attract good dreams & banish nightmares

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Keeping a few fresh or dried Mugwort leaves under your pillow can help you attract good dreams and protect you against negative energies and nightmares. To enhance the effect, consider adding Lavender along with Mugwort. This will help you relax and get deep, restorative sleep. Mugwort is also a great herb to add to a dream pillow.

Just like Star Anise, Mugwort also increases your psychic awareness which can lead to prophetic dreams that will often bring solutions to your problems. To attract prophetic dreams, burn a few dried Mugwort leaves and Vervain in your bedroom a few minutes before bedtime. Alternatively, you can also burn Mugwort incense.

Burning Mugwort before sleep can also help you with lucid dreaming. You will also find that your dreams are more vivid and memorable. Contemplating on these dreams can help you tap into your subconscious mind and also access intuitive guidance. This is great especially if you maintain a dream journal.

2. Use Mugwort to activate your Third Eye Chakra and enhance intuition

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Mugwort is strongly connected with psychic intuition and can be used to activate your third eye chakra (located between your eyebrows) which will strengthen your intuitive abilities. Simply crush fresh Mugwort leaves to extract the juice, then dab a small amount over your third eye chakra using your index finger by gently rotating anti-clockwise and then clockwise to activate the chakra and connect with the divine feminine within. This process works for both men and women.

This can be done on a daily basis after waking up or right before meditation. Doing this will also help you let go of your fears and reconnect with your true desires and potential.

3. Use Mugwort for protection against negative energy

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Mugwort is a powerful herb when it comes to offering protection. Legend has it that Roman soldiers would put this herb in their sandals to stop their feet from getting tired and to prevent injury in battle. Also, St John the Baptist was said to have worn a belt woven from Mugwort to protect him while wandering in the wilderness. This is the reason why Mugwort is often referred to as St John’s Plant. In China, Mugwort is regarded as a highly protective herb that is often hung over doors to prevent evil spirits from entering the home.

You can place Mugwort leaves in sachets, mojo bags, or amulets to carry around with you for general protection as well as for protection during travel.

You can also hang Mugwort root or sprig anywhere in your home to protect against negativity, bad luck, and ill will. Hanging Mugwort root on a door will block negative energy and keep unwanted guests from entering your home.

Mugwort can also be used in protection jars, spells and rituals. Another way you can use Mugwort for protection is to create a wash and wipe floors, doors and windows with it.

4. Smudge with Mugwort for cleansing & purifying a space

Mugwort smudge stick
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As a highly effective cleansing herb, Mugwort is an excellent substitute for white sage or Palo Santo. For cleansing a space before meditation or before performing any magical work, simply fashion a few dried Mugwort sprigs into a smudging stick and burn it, ensuring that the smoke reaches into every corner. You may want to consider adding a couple of other ingredients, such as Myrrh, copal resin, or rosemary, to strengthen its purifying properties. Burn these smudge sticks on a regular basis to release any tensions or worries that have built up during the day.

If you celebrate Midsummer, you can also burn Mugwort on your bonfire to bring protection for the coming year.
In addition, you can create an effective cleansing wash by steeping fresh Mugwort leaves in hot water and using this liquid to cleanse your altar and ritual tools.

5. Use Mugwort for divination

Mugwort is a lunar herb that is known to enhance psychic abilities. As a result, it is an excellent herb to use when you perform any type of divination, such as reading Tarot cards, runes, or tea leaves. Just burn this herb as incense prior to performing divination magic. You can also use the cleansing wash described above, to purify and increase the power of your scrying tools, like magic mirrors and crystal balls.

6. Use Mugwort to enhance your creative feminine energy

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Mugwort is said to be ruled by Venus, according to 16th century herbalist Nicholas Culpepper. However, it is not just romance that this herb is renowned for, but self-love that comes from a strong connection to the Divine feminine. It also works very well as a natural remedy for feminine issues like menstrual cramps because it encourages the flow of energy through the body.

Burning dried Mugwort leaves can help you connect with your feminine energy. Doing so will remove stagnant energy and help enhance your creativity while bringing in new insights and inspiration.

Mugwort is one of the sacred herbs that can be used in rituals to honor the Goddess, particularly Artemis. When you are feeling down, try running yourself a Goddess bath using Mugwort and Epsom salts, surrounded by candles. Anoint yourself with Cypress oil or rosemary to honor Artemis and bathe yourself in her divine protection. Alternatively, you can make an offering to Artemis for your altar by tying sprigs of fresh Mugwort together using silver string (to represent the moon). It is best to begin your journey with Mugwort on the night of a full moon because this is when its lunar power is at its peak.

7. Plant Mugwort in your garden for protecting your home

Planting Mugwort in your front or backyard will help protect your home from negative energy. Historically, it was planted by the front door of medicine women, midwives, and healers to indicate their professions. Mugwort is also very effective at keeping pests away from your garden plants, especially moths.

Mugwort loves the sun! So, make sure you plant it in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, preferably in nitrogenous soil.

8. Hang Mugwort sprig or root in your bedroom for a happy relationship

Mugwort has a strong connection with Venus, the planet of love. So, it stands to reason that this plant has been used to attract love and friendship since Ancient Greece. Dried or fresh sprigs of Mugwort can also be hung in the bedroom to facilitate a long and happy marriage.

9. Take a Mugwort bath for cleansing your aura

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A Mugwort bath is just what you need when you are feeling overwhelmed or fearful in times of change as it will help to cleanse your aura and uplift your spirit. Fill a jar halfway with fresh Mugwort and top it up with just-boiled water. Allow the concoction to steep for at least 15 minutes. When it is ready, strain your mixture and add it to your bathwater. You can even pour the liquid over your head to absorb its lunar energy.

Before settling into the bath, add any of your favorite scents or salts and light a few candles. Imagine all of your worries and fears flowing down into the water as you focus on reclaiming your personal power. When you’re finished, imagine your negative emotions being sucked down the drain with the water, and then embrace your divine beauty!

Points to bear in mind

Pregnant women should avoid using Mugwort in any form because it can cause miscarriage and premature labour. Some of its active ingredients can also cause toxicity in large doses so it is best not to use too much. As a member of the daisy family, Mugwort has been known to trigger allergies in some people, so exercise caution when ingesting and always test a small amount first.


Mugwort is a powerful magical herb that can help us to discover our true selves on a spiritual level. In the rush of the modern world, it can be easy to lose sight of our own strength and power. However, by connecting with your divine self, you can take control of your life, allowing you to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.

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