9 Spiritual Benefits of Ginger (Masculine Energy, Good Luck, Chakra Activation and More)

Ginger with leaves

Ginger is a flowering plant originating in Southeast Asia. A close relative of other plants such as turmeric or cardamom, the root of ginger is dried and used as a spice in cuisine all over the world. Ginger is not only popular for its fresh and spicy taste close to that of lemons, but it is also very appreciated thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.

However, ginger is not only useful to add flavor to your cooking or to add to your tea to fight off illness: ginger is also well known for its spiritual benefits. In this article, let’s take a look at the various spiritual benefits of ginger and how you can use this scared root in your life.

What is the spiritual meaning of ginger?

The origin of the English word “ginger” might have been in the 14th Century, from the old English gingifer which came from Latin word gingiber. The first word ever used for this spice might have been Srngaveram, from ancient Sanskrit. This means “horned body”, referring to the shape of the root.

In antiquity, ginger was associated with fire, the Sun and heat due to the spicy kick of its scent and taste. Different folkloric myths associate this spice with the Sun, the powers of fire and its Gods, which is why it was often used by priests during fire rituals. In ancient Chinese medicine, ginger is believed to help raise the heat of the body and harmonize its energies: ginger is used to balance the Chi, promote health and vigor and help invoke the divine masculine within.

Spiritual benefits of Ginger

1. Use dried ginger root for protection

Dried ginger

Ginger root offers powerful protection against all kinds of negative energy. To get protection, simply place a small piece of dried ginger root (or if possible a whole root) in a mojo bag or amulet and carry it with you wherever you go.

To protect your home you can sprinkle a bit of dried ginger powder in your yard and also in the four corners of the indoor space that needs protection.

2. Keep dried ginger root under pillow to repel bad dreams

If you suffer from nightmares consider keeping a whole dried ginger root under your pillow (or under your bed). This will repel bad dreams and ensure a good night’s sleep. It can even protect you against hag riding which makes Ginger root a great addition to a dream pillow.

You can also consider combining ginger root with dried or fresh lavender for a deep, relaxing and restorative sleep.

3. Plant ginger in your yard or indoors to attract money, prosperity & success

Ginger plant
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Another spiritual benefit of ginger is its ability to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. To attract wealth, consider planting ginger in your yard or indoors in a pot. The better your ginger grows the more prosperous you will be. Another way to attract money is to sprinkle a bit of powdered ginger root in your wallet or pocket.

Burning powered ginger root or smudging with it can help you attract success.

4. Chew on a small piece of ginger to speed up manifestation

Ginger slices
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Ginger is commonly used as a “magical catalyst” that helps speed spells up and raise your spiritual energy. Add a sprinkle of ginger to any spell you are casting to help attract fast results.

Another way to use ginger for manifestation is to chew on a small piece of fresh or crystalized ginger as you cast a spell or while you meditate/visualize about the things you want to manifest. The spiritual power of ginger will raise your vibration and increase your spiritual power to foster fast results. Once you are done, make sure to spit out the ginger.

5. Burn ginger root to consecrate rituals tools and charge amulets/jewelry

Ginger powder
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As ginger is excellent for raising spiritual power, ginger smoke works great to lend a little extra “oomph” to your spiritual/magical tools and amulets. Use ginger incense or burn some powdered ginger root to consecrate ritual tools, to charge amulets, to cleanse spiritual jewelry and to lend extra power to your tarot cards.

Burning incense is simple: just set fire to the stick and as soon as it smokes, extinguish the fire.

For burning powdered root, get a pinch of the powdered spice and put it in a fire safe container. Carefully, set fire to it and let it burn until you are done consecrating. Alternatively, you can also burn it with other herbs like Sage or Rosemary. Pass any tools you want to consecrate through the smoke (but first make sure that it is safe to do so, as some crystals, tarot cards and some types of cloth do not react well to smoke and might become damaged, stained or smell bad). Exercise caution when doing this.

6. Diffuse ginger essential oil or incense for strength and vigor

Ginger has a fresh yet spicy scent that can promote masculine energy, strength, vigor and vivacity. This scent is believed to summon the forces of Fire. Use ginger incense, candles, perfume or essential oils to promote energy and liveliness.

Since ginger is also associated with masculine energies, it can also be excellent to promote love: turn on some romantic, ginger scented candles if you have an important date with your partner!

7. Take a bath with ginger to channel divine masculine energy

Divine masculine energy can help you become more assertive, forthright, motivated, focused and directed. This can be great if you feel an imbalance of masculine/feminine energy in you. This can also be great if you feel stuck in any area of your life, feel demotivated because of a lack of purpose or find it hard to make decisions.

To channel divine masculine energy, consider taking a bath with ginger. Simply draw a bath and add a few slices of ginger to it. To enhance the effect consider adding dried Lemongrass, Patchouli leaves and Epsom bath salts along with ginger.

Ginger is also a great offering for many Gods. especially those that share masculine energy: offer a piece of ginger to any masculine Gods if you want to attract their favor. Some Gods that would be pleased with such an offering would be Mars, Ares, Thor, Loki, etc.

8. Use ginger to attract good luck and love into your life

Ginger oil
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Ginger root can help attract good luck, fun and joy into your life. To attract good luck soak a few bits of fresh ginger (or ginger essential oil) in a carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond essential oil. Let it sit for a few hours so the scent of ginger is absorbed by the oil. After this, strain the oil and save it in a bottle. Dab a bit of this oil behind your ears, elbows and knees to attract good luck. This can also help attract love into your life.

9. Use ginger to balance the root chakra

Root chakra symbol
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Root chakra is the energy center associated with stability, groundedness, fearlessness and security. An underactive root chakra can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, low self esteem, depression, lethargy and lack of focus. Ginger can help activate your root chakra and bring this chakra into balance and alignment.

To activate the root chakra you can drink ginger tea, diffuse ginger essential oil, take baths with ginger and smudge with ginger (as discussed earlier).

Points to bear in mind

Be careful before ingesting ginger or applying ginger oil to your skin. Ginger can irritate the gastrointestinal track for some people. So if you have not ingested ginger before, exercise caution. Similarly, ginger essential oil has the potential to irritate the skin for some people. Here again, use wisely.


All in all, ginger is a powerful spiritual tool that has been used for thousands of years. Fresh or dried, its spicy flavor and the strength of its spiritual properties make it a bit of a “do it all” spice. Commonly associated with spice, heat, fire, masculine energy and the Sun this spice is said to keep illness away, promote health, wealth and prosperity.

Ginger is very easy to grow, so do try growing your own to promote prosperity in your household and to always have some of this fresh spice at hand!

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