11 Spiritual & Magical Properties of Lemon Balm

Lemon balm leaves

Stop by a lemon balm plant and take in a nice deep breath and the intense aroma and magical energy of this herb will instantly lift your energy while also calming you down. Such is the power of lemon balm. It’s no wonder that since antiquity, lemon balm has been used to chase away the blues and attract positive energy and vibration.

In this article, let’s look at the many spiritual and magical properties of lemon balm and the various ways you can benefit by using this powerful herb in your own life. Let’s start with what lemon balm symbolizes and its historical significance.

What does Lemon Balm symbolize?

Lemon balm sprig

Lemon balm is a feminine herb that symbolizes love, happiness, purity, healing, focus, prosperity, renewal, confidence, intuition, and feminine energy. It is associated with the element of water and the planets, Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

For ages, lemon balm because of its uplifting and relaxing properties has been used across various cultures to promote love, heal sleeplessness and relieve feelings of depression, nervousness, and anxiety. The herb’s many names which include, Heart’s Ease, Heart’s Delight, Sweet Balm, Blue Balm, and Elixir of Life are owing to this fact. Many ancient herbalists including the famous, Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna) who is considered the Father of Holistic Medicine, regarded lemon balm as an internal remedy for melancholy and coined the term, “it makes the heart joyful“, in praise of the herb.

The herb has even been associated with longevity. For instance, Swiss physician and alchemist, Paracelsus (1493-1541), has been known to include lemon balm in his life-enhancing portion which he called – ‘the elixir of life’. Paracelsus claimed that this portion would increase the drinker’s life and strength to the point that it almost made them immortal!

The herb also has a long history of being used in magical workings, to ward off evil, promote clairvoyance, release emotional attachments and attract love and prosperity. Lemon balm also has this amazing energy that attracts good bugs like bees and butterflies and repels bad ones like mosquitoes making it an excellent kitchen garden herb. This is also the reason why lemon balm has always been associated with attracting good things into your life and keeping the bad at bay.

Bees love lemon balm and it seems to have a calming effect on them. This is because lemon balm contains similar chemicals that mimic the pheromones found in bees. It’s no wonder this herb has been a favorite of beekeepers who have since antiquity planted this herb near hives both to attract and calm bees. This is the reason why lemon balm is also known as Bee Balm and Sweet Melissa (which is the Greek word for honeybee).

Now that we have explored a little about the symbolism and historical significance of lemon balm, let’s take a deeper look at the various spiritual and magical properties associated with this herb and how you can use it in your own life.

11 Spiritual & magical properties of Lemon Balm

Lemon balm illustration

1. Carry lemon balm with you to attract love into your life

Lemon balm has powerful love-attracting properties as it is in tune with the energy of Venus. It also adds energy to your being that makes you more attractive and appealing to the right person. Lemon balm also helps heal emotional wounds and open your heart to romantic love. This is why lemon balm is often used in love charms, love spells, and rituals.

To attract new love into your life, carry a few fresh or dried lemon balm leaves with you (in a pouch or sachet). To make this even more powerful, charge the leaves by holding them in your power hand, closing your eyes, and charging them with your intention. A few other herbs you can carry along with lemon balm to increase its power include Patchouli, Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender.

To strengthen your existing relationship consider including lemon balm in teas or other foods that you share with your partner.

2. Use lemon balm to let go of emotional ties and heal emotional wounds

As it is associated with the energies of the moon, lemon balm can help you achieve emotional balance while also allowing you to deal with emotions in a more conscious way. It can help you let go of emotional ties and quickly heal your heart from past emotional wounds. Lemon balm also helps you heal from the pain and heartache caused after a breakup. This makes lemon balm an excellent herb for empaths and sensitive people.

To heal emotional wounds, drink lemon balm tea or use the dried or fresh leaves (after chopping them up into small pieces) as a spice in your soups or salads. You can also crush the leaves and take a few deep breaths or simply sit near the plant whenever you feel depressed and down. The energy of this plant will help uplift your vibration, release negative thoughts/emotions, bring emotional balance and rebuild your self esteem.

Please make sure that while ingesting any herb you do not take too much.

3. Use lemon balm to attract prosperity

Potted lemon balm plant

Not only does lemon balm help attract love but also health, success and prosperity. It can also help you in manifesting your desires.

To attract prosperity into your life, keep a few fresh or dried lemon balm leaves in your wallet. You can also keep a potted lemon balm plant inside your home or in your garden. Lemon balm is one of the easiest plants to grow and being a perennial, it grows all year round. If you are growing the plant indoors, keep it near a window to ensure that the plant gets plenty of sunshine. When growing outdoors, plant it in a large flowerpot as in the ground it grows like wildfire and might take over your garden.

4. Use lemon balm root for manifestation

Lemon balm can also help you manifest your desires. Simply write down your desire on a piece of paper, fold it up and wrap it with fresh lemon balm leaves or lemon balm root. Wrap this in a cotton fabric to secure it and carry it with you until your desire manifests.

5. Bath with lemon balm to cleanse your aura & clear negative energy

Fresh lemon balm leaf close up

Bathing with lemon balm infused water can help cleanse your aura and clear negative energy. You can take this bath whenever you feel like you have been in the company of a negative person or feel down and demotivated. Lemon balm bath also helps stimulate creative energy, self belief and motivation.

You can create lemon balm infused water by soaking around 10 to 12 leaves of lemon balm in a container of water and boiling it for a minute or two. Let this solution sit for around 3 to 5 hours so the essence of the leaves mixes well with the water. You can then add this lemon balm infused water to your bath water.

To make this infusion even more powerful, consider adding other uplifting herbs like lavender, roses and chamomile along with lemon balm.

6. Smudge with lemon balm for cleansing a space of negativity

Dried lemon balm leaves

Just like sage, lemon balm is a great herb to smudge with. Smudging with lemon balm helps clear your space of negative energy, promotes relaxation and uplifts your energy. It also helps clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and brings much needed calm and focus.

This is why, it’s great to smudge with lemon balm before meditating or engaging in magical workings. This is also great if you are in the midst of making an important decision as lemon balm helps open your third eye chakra and thereby strengthens your intuition.

To smudge with lemon balm, burn a charcoal disk in a fire proof container and sprinkle some dried and crushed lemon balm leaves on it. You can keep this in a space that needs cleansing or take it around your room so the smoke reaches all corners. You can consider reciting a prayer or mantra to enhance the effect.

To make this more powerful consider adding a few other complimentary herbs like dried lavender and chamomile to the mix.

7. Use lemon balm for deep, restorative sleep

Lemon balm has a soothing energy to it that helps release feelings of anxiety and nervousness. It helps calm your mind, stops unwanted thoughts and promotes deep relaxation. This is why lemon balm is an excellent herb that you can use to heal any sleep issues that you might have.

Take a bath with lemon balm infused water an hour before bedtime to have a deep, relaxing, restorative sleep. You can also consider diffusing lemon balm essential oil in the evenings to help calm your mind and relax. Another way to improve your sleep is to drink lemon balm and chamomile tea before you go to sleep.

To prevent nightmares, keep a few fresh or dried leaves of lemon balm (preferably in a sachet) underneath your pillow. You can also use lemon balm in a herbal pillow.

To enhance the power, consider mixing lemon balm with other sleep enhancing herbs like lavender and chamomile.

8. Plant lemon balm for protection and to attract balance and harmony at home

Plant lemon balm (preferably in a potted container) near your front door for protection from negative energy. You can also keep potted lemon balm plant(s) indoors to attract balance and harmony in your home. Another way is to hang dried bundle of lemon balm leaves in your home for the same purpose.

If you have lemon balm growing in your garden, you can harvest a few lemon balm stems, cut off the base and put it in a vase of water. You can then keep the vase in any room that needs a bit of uplifting energy.

9. Carry with you while undertaking stressful activities

Lemon balm helps clear your mind, increase memory and reduce feelings of nervousness and anxiety. This is why, it is an excellent herb that you can carry with you while undertaking stressful activities like tests, exams or interviews. Consider taking a deep whiff of the herb whenever you need a boost of confidence.

10. Use lemon balm in Moon magic

The power of this herb is at its maximum during full moon and new moon days. Consider bathing or smudging with lemon balm during full moon or new moon days for maximum benefits. You can also burn lemon balm increase or burn dried lemon balm leaves to invoke or pray to moon Goddesses like Artemis, Diana, Luna and Venus.

11. Use lemon balm for increased intuition

Lemon balm helps open your third eye chakra and thereby increases your intuition, awareness, focus and clairvoyance. Wash your hands with water infused with lemon balm or anoint your third eye chakra with the water for increased intuition before meditation or tarot or rune readings.

Points to bear in mind

Please exercise caution while ingesting herbs or using them on your skin. Some herbs including Lemon Balm can cause allergic reactions in some people. Also, make sure that the herb has been grown organically and not using chemicals and pesticides. To be safe, it’s best to grow the herb in your own garden.


Lemon balm is a beautiful plant with a host of spiritual and magical properties. To reap all these amazing magical benefits, consider growing this amazing plant indoors or in your kitchen garden. Being a versatile plant, it can grow in any type of soil and under any weather conditions. Lemon balm being a moon herb can be especially beneficial if you are an empath or have a sensitive personality or deal with anxiety and depression. It will become your ally and help raise your sprits while allowing you to look at situations with more consciousness and optimism. You will be glad you brought this powerful plant into your life!

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