7 Spiritual & Magical Properties of Jasmine (Love, Prosperity, Spiritual Awareness & More)

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers found around the world. Its flowers give off a sweet, sensual, fruity yet powerful aroma that is deeply calming and comforting to the mind, body and spirit. Not surprisingly, the flower has a host of magical and spiritual properties associated with it. In this article, let’s take a look at these properties and how you can benefit by using jasmine in your life.

What does jasmine symbolize?

Jasmine primarily symbolizes love, peace, purity, strength, prosperity, compassion, feminine energy and spirituality. The name jasmine has been derived from the Persian word ‘Yasmeen‘ which translates to ‘gift from god‘. And in the truest sense, jasmine is a gift from god to mankind because of the amazing spiritual and magical benefits it offers.

Since ancient times and across various cultures, jasmine has been considered a sacred plant. It has been mentioned in the Vedas – the oldest Hindu scriptures and in many other ancient works and spiritual literature.

In Hinduism, jasmine flowers are considered sacred to Lord Vishnu – the god of perseverance and His consort, Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth. Also, it has been an age old practice in Hinduism to adorn statues of Gods and goddess using garlands made by stringing jasmine flowers together. A similar tradition (of adorning statues with jasmine garland) was present even in ancient Egypt, signifying the spiritual power that this flower holds.

Ganesha with jasmine garland
Lord Ganesha with jasmine garland

Garlands made of jasmine are also exchanged and worn by the bride and the groom during Hindu weddings.

Jasmine wedding garland
Jasmine garland in Hindu wedding

Jasmine is also one among the five flowers that adorn the arrows of Kamadev – the Hindu god of love. The other four flowers being white lotus, blue lotus, Ashoka tree flowers and Mango tree flowers.

It’s clear that jasmine is considered the flower of love in Hinduism. But this is not only the case in India. Various cultures across the world have linked jasmine to love.

In Thailand for instance, jasmine is associated with Mother’s day and is used to represent a mother’s unconditional love. In Buddhism, jasmine symbolizes sacredness and forever love. In Greek mythology, jasmine is associated with Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty. And similarly, in Roman mythology, it is linked with Venus – the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Jasmine is also sacred to Yoruba goddess of love, fertility and abundance – Oshun.

Now that we have seen the spiritual symbolism of Jasmine, let’s take a look at its various spiritual and magical properties and how you can use it in your own life.

7 spiritual & magical properties of jasmine

Smelling jasmine

1. Use jasmine flowers to induce deep sleep & prophetic dreams

Keeping a few fresh jasmine flowers under your pillow will help you attract deep, restorative sleep. This is because jasmine has a deeply calming effect on your mind, body and spirit. If flowers are not available, you can put a few drops of jasmine essential oil on your pillow cover or diffuse the oil for an hour or two before you sleep.

Jasmine also has a stimulating effect on your third eye chakra. It makes your mind receptive and can induce prophetic dreams that carry important messages and guidance to help you in your spiritual journey.

2. Plant jasmine in your garden to attract peace, abundance and prosperity

Jasmine plant

Planting jasmine in your garden can help attract prosperity, happiness and abundance into your household.

Jasmine is a sacred plant and has the power to surround the area it is in with positive energy. As we saw earlier, in Hinduism, jasmine has been associated with Vishnu – the God of abundance & preservation and Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth.

Carrying jasmine flower or wearing the scent also helps attract wealth and prosperity. It also has the power to increase your psychic abilities (or your intuition) so you make the right choices in life that will lead you to success and prosperity.

3. Bath with jasmine to increase self love & open your heart chakra

Jasmine water infusion
Jasmine and rose water infusion

Jasmine is considered the flower of love as it helps open and heal your heart chakra.

So if you have a hard time loving and accepting yourself, consider taking a ritual bath by adding fresh jasmine flowers or jasmine infused water or a few drops of jasmine essential oil to your bath water. Switch off any artificial lights and surround yourself with candlelight as you take this relaxing bath.

To enhance the effect, consider taking this bath on a full moon night or on Mondays (Moon day). This is because jasmine is a lunar shrub and is associated with the moon and night time.

A bath with jasmine, helps cleanse your aura, open your heart chakra, release negative emotions of anger, hate and jealousy and promote feelings of self love, optimism, creativity, confidence and compassion.

Jasmine is also associated with various deities of love like Kamadev, Oshun, Venus and Aphrodite. If you worship any of these deities, consider offering jasmine along with your prayer to bring in the power of these deities into your life.

Whenever you are feeling down, apathetic, drained or demotivated, consider diffusing jasmine essential oil to uplift and renew your energy.

4. Use jasmine to get answers to your spiritual questions

The scent of jasmine has the power to raise your vibration and awareness so you become open to receiving spiritual visions and messages. This is why jasmine is an excellent oil to diffuse before any spiritual activity like meditation, yoga or any form of divination.

To get answers to your spiritual questions, you can either diffuse jasmine oil or dress a white candle with the oil and meditate with it. You can also anoint your third eye chakra with the diluted oil.

Before you begin to meditate, spend a few minutes in silence as you ask your questions and offer gratitude for the answers that you are going to receive. You can then go into meditation by focusing your attention on your third eye chakra or on your breathing. As you meditate, your intuition will bring in all the answers and guidance you are looking for. Just make sure that you are in a relaxed state of mind.

5. Wear jasmine as a perfume to attract spiritual love

Jasmine perfume

As we saw already, jasmine is sacred to various gods and goddesses across cultures, associated with love. This includes the Hindu god of love, Kamadeva, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite and the Yoruba goddess of love, Oshun. This is because jasmine has the ability to open your heart and help you make a connection with someone on a deeper level.

Wearing perfume made of diluted jasmine essential oil or carrying the flowers with you (in your wallet or a sachet) can help attract spiritual love into your life It can also help elevate your existing relationship to a deeper level. Spiritual love is much deeper (on a soul level) as opposed to physical love which can be shallow. So this is great for anyone searching for a soulmate.

Dried or fresh jasmine flowers can also be added to love mixtures and used to enhance love spells, charms and portions.

6. Use jasmine to raise your feminine/yin energy

Jasmine being a feminine flower can help raise your feminine or Yin energy. This can be great for anyone who feels a lack of connection to their feminine energy.

For instance, if you are constantly stressed out or overworked and find it difficult to relax or spend some quite time with yourself being still, mindful and present, then your energies are titled towards yang or masculine energy. This imbalance in the long run can lead to various issues. Lack of energy, apathy, confusion, lethargy and depression and some ways this imbalance can manifest into.

Jasmine can help you bring these energies into balance by increasing your yin energy. Pretty much everything we discussed so far in this article can be used to increase yin energy. This includes – diffusing jasmine oil, bathing using jasmine infused water, wearing jasmine perfume and sleeping with jasmine under your pillow.

One more thing you can do in particular is to apply diluted jasmine oil on your heart chakra (located in the center of your chest, close to your heart) and your solar plexus chakra (located right above your navel). This can be done on a daily basis to promote feminine energy.

Balancing your yin and yang energies will help you become more creative, more productive, energetic joyful and clear headed in the long run.

A few crystals you can use alongside jasmine to increase your yin energy include, Amethyst, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Selenite.

7. Diffuse jasmine to increase the power of your mantras/affirmations

Jasmine has the power to expand the vibrations of mantras. It also makes the mind more receptive. This is why, diffusing jasmine oil when reciting mantras or affirmations can be really beneficial in increasing the power of the mantra/affirmation. For instance, if you are reciting a mantra like AUM, jasmine will radiate this mantra across your space so you can experience the maximum positive effects of the mantra.

You can also diffuse the oil before engaging in a visualization session for manifestation. This can help you manifest your desires faster.


There are various types of jasmine and all of them offer similar spiritual benefits. Some popular varieties of jasmine that you can use include White jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum), Angel Wing Jasmine (Jasminum nitidum), Common Jasmine (Jasminum officinale), Royal Jasmine (Jasminum Grandiflorum), Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum Sambac) and Wild Jasmine (Jasminum angular).

Please note that not everyone is going to like the smell of jasmine and if you don’t, that’s okay, jasmine is not for you. Do not try to force yourself to like it. But if you do like the scent and resonate with it, then you can use jasmine to reap all these spiritual and magical benefits outlined in this article.

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